Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard Allows You To Type Anywhere, On Any Surface!

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It’s called ‘The Tap Strap’ and it is an incredible cool new product. This wearable keyboard will allow you to type on any device wireless and without a keyboard.


How it works

The Tap Strap has a series of embedded sensors which monitor mechanical information of the hand and fingers. This information is processed by an MCU in the Strap, which decodes the raw data into finger tap combinations and transmits the resulting characters or commands via a Bluetooth radio.

So, in lament terms, you are basically mimicking typing on a keyboard on any surface. With that said…you might want to freshen up on where your ‘home row set of keys’ are that you learned in typing class!


Tap is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices which support the HID Keyboard Standard.
This includes iOS and Android phones and tablets, Window and Mac computers, and most Smart TVs.

Slated to come out in the fourth quarter of 2016, the Tap is priced at $119.


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