Woman’s Hysterical Tinder Profile Captures The Internet’s Attention

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Having the right online dating profile is key when trying to score the man or woman of your dreams.

For those attractive, but not quite “supermodel hot” folks, what you say about yourself might be the difference between your online soul mate swiping right or moving on.

If you can’t handle the pressure of trying to draft a serious bio, you can always fill the section with some hilarious anecdotes about yourself.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate someone with a good sense of humor?

24-year-old Sydney’s Tinder profile is the perfect example of a bio section that was creatively written.



In fact, it was so brilliantly crafted that the UK singer, Sam Smith, posted her bio on his Instagram page and commented, “Amen”. So what did Sydney post that has the Internet in total agreement?



Many others have found truth in Sydney’s bio and have continued to share her post.




Let’s just hope she finds the singing partner of her dreams soon.


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