5 Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have

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There are some basic items that you need in your kitchen, and you cannot do without them. Just a bunch of utensils and a stove alone wouldn’t make up for your kitchen requirements. Even if you are minimalist who prefers living on the bare minimum, there are some kitchen gadgets that you should absolutely have. So, what are these essential items? It’s easy to get confused, as there are simply thousands of different products you can find around you. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we discuss some of the basic gadgets and tools you need to have in your kitchen.


Pots and pans

You can easily find some of the best budget pots and pans online. You cannot avoid these. They are some of the most important and very basic kitchen utensils. Even if you are a college student planning on living with just an induction stove, having a pot-pan set is pretty much of an essential. You’d need them for your basic cooking. Now, while you’re out to buy pot or pans, look for the ones that’ve got a thick bottom. That way, they will be useful when you want to slow cook food. And when cooked on high flames, it would still be much less prone to burn. If you are planning to get limited kitchen items, it would be better for you to stick with the heavy bottom ones. Also, while you are at it, we recommend that you buy nonstick pans. You can find more uses for them that way.

A food processor with different blades

And just the food processor is not enough. You need to find the one with a bunch of different blades that fit into it. This will be literally one of the most useful things you can own in your kitchen. A decent enough food processor would be able to chop in different ways the different kinds of food. From finely chopping an onion to evenly dicing cheese, food processors can get a lot done in a lot less time and with bare minimum efforts. It would not just be saving you time, but also money. That is in the sense that, when you buy diced or sliced veggies, fruits or cheese, etc., it often costs you more. Furthermore, there are several such food processors that allow you to make various dips and spreads easily at home.

So, to wrap up, look for a good quality, multi-purpose food processor that comes with an array of different blades and functions. Also, when buying a food processor, remember though, that the cheapest option won’t be the best. With this particular gadget, it would be always better to choose a sturdy, high-quality processor.



This is yet another thing that you can’t do without in your kitchen. You need a good set of spatulas in at least four different sizes to make cooking and serving different things easy. While you are at it, we think rubber spatulas would be actually a great idea. They are more efficient and easy when it some to blending food as well as serving it. Compared to metal or wooden spatulas, rubber spatulas are neater and easier to deal with. They would also be absolutely great when it comes to applying spreads evenly and does a better job than metal spoons or butter knives. What’s more, rubber spatulas would be totally suitable to be used with non-stick cookware as opposed to the metal spatulas which may actually destroy the non-stick coating.


Yet another must-have for your kitchen. Strainers or colanders would make your kitchen life a lot easier and painless when it comes to tasks like draining pasta or washing veggies or fruits. You can get metal or silicone strainers totally depending on your preference.


Blenders are the ultimate options in case you need to grind something or if you feel like making a smoothie. Unlike in the case of food processors, you don’t have to specifically look for high-end ones when it comes to blenders. You can easily make do with a decent enough blender that you can find online or at the stores nearby for less than 25 bucks.