5 Weird Father’s Day Gifts You Should Get Your Dad

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Father’s day originates back to the early 1900s when Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to show extra appreciation for her single father on his birthday, a war veteran who raised her and her five siblings.

Dodd inspired the first ever Father’s Day sermon, which took place on June 19th, 1910. And in 1966, president Johnson officially recognized the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.

It’s now a widely recognized annual celebration to show appreciation for paternal figures and shower them with gifts. Usually, a card and a pair of socks.

Father’s Day spending accounts for nearly $12 billion each year in the United States. While this sounds like a lot, it’s only half of what gets spent on Mother’s Day. But that doesn’t mean dads aren’t important!

So much so, that sometimes, a card just won’t cut it. To go above and beyond cards and socks, keep reading for a list of five weird Father’s Day gifts to make your dad laugh.

1. Meaty Bouquets

Flowers are great and all. But let’s be honest, most dads couldn’t care less about a nice-smelling, carefully designed arrangement of lilies and daisies.

Instead, might he not appreciate a more manly, meaty approach? There are a variety of companies offering “meat bouquets”, made of beef jerky, salami or even steak.

You can buy these beefy bouquets pre-made, or feel free to get creative and put your own flare on it. It brings a whole new meaning to edible arrangements.

2. Custom Bobbleheads

Source: https://www.headbobble.com/

Any fans of The Office out there? Whether or not you followed Dwight Schrute’s relationship with his custom-made bobblehead, they really do make a great gift.

They cover all bases. “It’s the thought that counts”, and the thought is definitely there with this custom-made gift.

Who wouldn’t want a big-headed wobbly version of themselves to put on their desk, dash or workbench?

3. Tuxedo Onesie

Possibly the best invention of all time, the tuxedo-designed onesie is a clever and comfy gift for any man in your life. Come on, what’s better than the illusion of style while reaping the benefits of ultimate comfort?

Give your dad the chance to be the best-dressed couch potato around. Great for camping, stag parties and let’s be honest; its real purpose of Netflix and chilling.

4. Personalized Bar Sign

Source: https://www.homewetbar.com/

This gift checks both boxes: funny and cool. For the dads out there who take pride in hosting family events and who always have a well-stocked bar, a personalized neon bar sign would be the gift to beat.

Even though mom might only allow this sign in the man cave. At the very least, dad and his buddies will enjoy it, no doubt.

5. Merman Tail

Definitely the weirdest item on this list, a merman tail might not be the most practical gift. But it will definitely get some laughs.

If nothing else, watching dad trying to squeeze into a mermaid tail will be entertainment for the whole family.

Other Weird Father’s Day Gifts 

Source: https://d3atagt0rnqk7k.cloudfront.net/

Whatever your dad is into, there’s guaranteed to be a gift out there to make him smile. There are tons of options for useful, cool, and funny gifts that dad will actually enjoy.

The Classic NES Nintendo Entertainment System, for instance, loaded with 30 of the most classic video games will give him a proper blast to the past. It even comes with the classic NES controller.

These days, even socks are a great gift. For example, www.ecosox.com sells bamboo ones that will knock your socks off. Pardon the pun.

Wrapping Up

From Bluetooth bike speakers to portable pizza ovens to scotch-infused toothpicks – there’s no reason not to get creative. For even more weird father’s day gifts, check out these outlandish lace shorts for men.