How To Quickly Choose A Reliable Video Conferencing Software?

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According to many studies, in the course of a telephone conversation, on average, about 20% of information is perceived, in the course of face-to-face communication – 80%, and during a video session – 60%.

That is, if a visual non-verbal language (gestures, facial expressions) is added to the communication of the interlocutors via the audio channel, then the efficiency of information perception increases among the interlocutors.

However, there is a nuance in choosing a reliable and fast program that will not fail at important moments. Here it is worth consulting with colleagues or reading iMind reviews.

Does video conferencing really help?

As it can be seen from its psychophysiological parameters, video communication is quite close to personal communication and far exceeds the capabilities of telephone communication. However, in order to ensure the effective use of video communication in business, it is not enough just to see and hear one interlocutor.

You need the ability to organize conferences with several participants, the ability to exchange additional information (presentations, documents, images from additional video cameras). The mode of operation that provides all this is called videoconferencing.

Where is the video used?

Video communication technology is positioned all over the world today primarily as an effective tool for optimizing business processes, including reducing the number of business trips, saving on hospitality, transportation and overhead costs.

Currently, videoconferencing is no longer such an expensive technology as it was a few years ago, and not only large, but also rather limited companies can afford it.

Benefits of using video conferencing in a company

The cost of employees and management time is such that spending time and effort on moving is a non-optimal cost for efficient operation and management of the company.

Numerous studies show that the average manager spends:

  • 3 years on the plane;
  • 2 years on the road to and from the airport;
  • 23 months waiting for the flight;
  • 11 months waiting for a transfer from flight to flight;
  • 3 months looking for a parking spot.

These are huge numbers. The amount of time can be spent on other life moments.

The need to achieve high learning ability, quick assimilation of the material and where it is required to convey the emotions of the speaker – studies show the effectiveness of using video communication in work:

  • learning rate is 200% higher;
  • material is absorbed 40% faster and 38% better;
  • speaker persuasiveness 43% higher;
  • 55% of the influence of the communication process is provided by facial expressions and 38% by voice.

Sometimes there is a need for simultaneous personal presence in several places at the same time. If you need to immediately gather in one (albeit virtual) place, numerous and extremely busy employees, often located in different geographical locations.

Video conferencing saves time and is necessary where the real cost of this time is high for various reasons. All that is required for software solutions for video communication and video conferencing – a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. The video conferencing programs themselves are completely free, which means several tangible advantages:

  • availability: minimum initial investment (computer / smartphone / tablet);
  • the ability to conduct video conferences with several participants at once: it is enough for everyone to have their own device with a camera.

In turn, there are some disadvantages:

  • possible deterioration in video quality;
  • very high device load, which makes parallel work at the computer uncomfortable.

However, it does not greatly affect the essence of the issue – video conferencing has become a convenient way for negotiations and communication. Today, it is hard to imagine any business where people do not talk to each other via video link.