A GoPro Spinning At 1800rpm Looks Like It’s Entering A Wormhole To Another Universe

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It’s quite difficult to come up with new GoPro footage in this day in age. Almost every cool and exciting thing imaginable has been captured on a GoPro over the years. However, YouTuber Mr. Michal totally broke the mold and came up with some seriously creative new GoPro footage. He secured what looks like a GoPro Hero 7 into a lathe and spun it at various speeds up to 1800 revolutions per minute.

The video starts off fairly chill with the GoPro spinning at a modest 14rpm. Then it goes up to 22,rpm then 35rpm and by 56rpm it’s already starting to feel a little dizzying. At 90rpm you’ll definitely want to be sitting down and by 112rpm it’s already starting to look a bit of a mess. But on he goes through 140rpm, 180, 224, 280, 355, 450, 560, and 710 until we start to see things sync up around 900rpm. After brief stints at 1140rpm and 1200rpm, we finally reach 1800rpm.

It would be interesting to see footage with the shutter speed and frame rate manually adjusted at different RPMs to see how it affects the crazy warping effects and the different patterns it would produce as everything syncs up. It would definitely make for some more interesting and dizzying footage!