Famous People From Every State In The U.S.

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Awesome Jelly

Some of us are curious to find out which famous person or celebrity is from our neck of the woods, so to speak. It seems that some states have more celebrity locals than others, particularly if you feel your state is boring and nobody special in particular came from it. But you will be wrong. Every state has their celebrity or famous person that called it home. Some are more popular than others, but nevertheless, a celebrity in their own right just the same. Actors, singers, politicians, and more. This list will not suggest to present the most famous people from each state, but a sample person just to make it clear that there is no state without a celebrity. So it can give you some bragging rights to your home state. Never be ashamed from where you come from. Be proud, it is your home.
So without further ado, here are the 50 states and the celebrities who came from them: