Assisted Living Options: Here’s What Your Folks Need to Know

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While there’s a lot to be said for aging gracefully, we all need to face the reality that both the physical body and the mind wear down as one advances in years—your parents are no exception to this fact. A healthy lifestyle and a nurturing home environment will stave off many of the effects of aging. But, there comes a time when living at home could pose a variety of challenges and risks for your elderly loved one.

Much as we want to keep our aging loved ones close to us, and much as we may wish to be there for them, 24-7, as they age, we have to consider their safety and wellbeing in a home setting. We also have to realize that we can’t always be there to meet their every need, as they go through changes in this season of their lives. Simple, everyday things, like climbing the stairs, bathing, eating, and taking medication may no longer be quite so easy for them. Not to mention, the specific needs brought on by mental and emotional changes—like dealing with overwhelming feelings of isolation and loneliness—that they experience in later life.

Enter, the assisted living option. Whether you have a parent, sibling, spouse, or any other loved one who is advanced in years, here are some reasons to consider assisted living if they struggle to cope with day-to-day life.

Round-the-clock care and supervision

A good assisted living facility will provide your aging loved one with the care they require, 24 hours of every day. This means that your elderly relative or friend will be receiving the supervision they need with tasks and activities they can no longer perform as effectively on their own. This will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind, knowing that their safety and security are in good, capable hands.

A facility that is built for their special needs

Most assisted living facilities are adequately equipped with all the features an older adult requires to stay safe and sound. We no longer have to worry quite as much about the seniors we love falling down the stairs, slipping in the bath, or not being able to call for help when they need it. Check the facility for all the necessary safety features when making your choice.

A sense of independence and freedom in a social setting

Many people may think that there is a loss of independence, moving to an assisted living center. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Because they are in a safer, more controlled setting that is better-suited to their needs, your elderly loved ones will enjoy a new sense of independence and confidence. Moreover, they will be in the company of others who share their newfound perspectives, as well as the challenges, in life. Choose a facility that offers a variety of hobbies and programs for its residents, so that your loved one will always be engaged and happily occupied.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with assisted living. The key is to finding the right facility. Do your research. Check reviews and ask around for referrals and recommendations. See what’s available in or around your area, so that it is easy for you to check up on or visit your loved one. With the right care in a compassionate, professional facility, your elderly loved one will thrive in this new chapter of his or her life.