The Flower Color & Meaning Charts Every Man Must See!

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Tis’ the season for buying flowers! Valentine’s Day is the biggest time of year for florists and that is because flowers are nearly every man in America’s go to gift for the big day!

With that said, not everyone wants to convey their undying love for someone, nor might they want to portray that they are overly passionate for someone either. Some of you may just want to portray a more friendly, subtle gesture.

Flower buying can be super tricky. Which kind of flower do I get, which color and so on and so forth. Personally, I am not an expert in floral arrangements and have been put to the test many times over the years. The last thing you want to do is sent a co-worker you kind-of, sort-of like a bouquet of a dozen red roses. That will take you from cool friendly office guy to totally creepy over the top yahoo guy really quick!

Check out these charts for a little guidance and make sure you make the right move this year! Ladies, you may want to share this with your man…hint…hint!

Roses are always a huge hit on Valentine’s Day…and pretty much any other day! Just make sure you are buying the right one!

flower chart1


Now, what if you don’t want to buy roses? Well, we have you covered for that too! 




…and here are some fun facts about flowers with a reiteration of what the colors mean!


Well, there you have it! Good luck and have an awesome V-Day!

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