29 Cheapest Places To Live In The U.S.

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Gulfport, Mississippi

Source: https://bt-wpstatic.freetls.fastly.net/

The Port of Gulfport, known for its white sand beaches and casinos, as well as its boating and fishing activities, has flourished from being an unassuming lumber and port city to the economically vibrant and diversified community it is today. The U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center and the health care industry contribute to the local economy, along with other major employers, namely the Harrison County School District, the Island View Casino, the Hancock Bank, and the Gulfport School District.
Even though the unemployment rate is a bit high, the cost of living is relatively cheaper compared to the national standard. Housing-related expenses, including mortgage and rent, are also 30% lower than what the average American shells out, and denizens pay less for food, groceries, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses such as movie tickets.
Cost of Living: 84.5
Median Home Value: $118,300
City Population: 71,870
Median Household Income: $37,243
Unemployment Rate: 5.5%