Couple Builds Incredible Remote Cabin Using Recycled Windows For Just $500

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In 2012 Lilah Horwitz, and her boyfriend Nick Olson went on their first date. Nick took Lilah to a remote spot somewhere in the Virginia mountains where his family used to roam and dwell. As the two sat above a natural pond watching the sunset fade behind the distant mountains, the pair devised a plan to build a cabin where the entire front was nothing but windows. The theory behind it was simple…allow the sunset to be seen from anywhere in the cabin.


A year after that moment, the couple had built the cabin. They build the cabin the exact way they had envisioned it, using recycled windows to created the entire front facing wall of the cabin.


The entire cabin design is rustic, cozy and truly beautiful. What an amazing getaway with a wonderful back story.


Check out the awesome video below to hear Lilah and Nick’s full story!


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