Everything You Need To Know About Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

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One has to wonder how an almost forty year old former pop star still doesn’t have control over her own life and money, but that’s exactly where the “Princess of Pop” finds herself. Britney Spears has been a household name for more than two decades, and while she soared to popularity at the tender age of seventeen and her career never seemed to falter, the rest of her life did. People couldn’t get enough of her and the paparazzi was relentless, following her every move. In 2007, Britney was photographed in a very public breakdown, shaving her head while cameras flashed and caught a moment that should have been kept behind closed doors. After filing for divorce, losing custody of her kids and going in and out of numerous rehabs for supposed drug and alcohol abuse, the courts placed her under a conservatorship led by her father in 2008, and over twenty years later, she’s still not free.
Here are things you never knew about Britney Spears, the reason behind the #FreeBritney movement, and why you should care.