29 Horrible Cases Of Celebrity Plastic Surgery

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Source: Awesome Jelly

“Getting work done” used to be a secret among celebrities and it was a taboo to admit if you had anything “done”. Regardless if it was just a tiny jab of Botox or something more intense like breast implants, celebrities have been going under the knife, or the needle in some cases, in complete denial. Most celebrities would still deny if they had anything “done”, but these days plenty of celebrities are open and vocal about their experiences. In any case, plastic surgery and the use of cosmetic injectables are no longer the secret they once were.
Nevertheless, the hazards of plastic surgery are not confined to the factory-like surgery centers of Miami and Thailand. No matter how much the amount that is spent, there are still a lot of risk factors when it comes to cosmetic surgery and injectables. Ever since, celebrity A-listers and wannabe A-listers have spent thousands of dollars the best surgeries. Even so, some have suffered dangerous and hideous consequences as a result of what they had “done”.
Let these serve as cautionary tales for those who want to look young through artificial means. Here are 29 of the most notable and in some cases the Worst Cases of Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong.