Getting Your Air-conditioning To Work More Efficiently And Last Longer

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According to the International Energy Agency, by 2050, the number of air-conditioning units in use, across the globe, will have quadrupled. Global warming is fueling most of this demand. People don’t like to be too warm and are prepared to spend money to remedy that situation.

The faster the average temperature rises the more people use cooling systems to stay comfortable. In the past couple of decades, demand for air conditioning repair in Las Vegas has soared. Las Vegas is a city that is warming up fast. Since 1970, the temperature has risen by 5.8 degrees Fahrenheit. That is faster than any other city, in America.

Try the dehumidifier first

When it first starts to get hot, it is often possible to cool your home sufficiently just by using the dehumidifier. This setting draws far less power and puts less demand on the components of your unit than operating in full air-conditioning mode does.

Regular maintenance is essential

The last thing someone who lives in a hot or warming climate needs is for their air-conditioning unit to break down. If you want to make sure that does not happen to you, regular maintenance is essential.

Clean the filters yourself several times a year

As well as scheduling at least one service per year, learn how to clean the filters yourself. Keeping them clean is by far the easiest way to improve the efficiency of any air-conditioning system. You can reduce your running costs by 1 to 2%.

Protect your air-conditioning unit from the sun

The sun can do a huge amount of damage. It heats things up to amazingly high temperatures, which puts materials under a huge amount of strain. So, it is important to do what you can to protect your air-conditioning unit from the sun. Whenever possible locate it in a shady spot. You may be able to plant a shrub or tree so that during the hottest part of the day your unit stays cooler.

Protect it during the winter

During the colder months, when your air-conditioner is not in use, put a proper outdoor cover over it. This will protect it from the frost and stop leaves being blown into the fans.

Set the thermostat and leave it

Every time you raise or drop the temperature, your air-conditioning unit has to work harder. Setting the thermostat once and leaving it puts far less strain on the system.

Keep the sun out

Closing your curtains, blinds or shutters is another way to reduce the cost of keeping your home or commercial premises cool. This is especially the case for those windows that are in direct sunlight. In some cases, you can reduce heat gain by 77% by keeping the light out of a room.

During the winter, those same curtain coverings can be used to keep more heat inside. So, you save on your power bills, year-round. You can read more about the best window coverings to use in your home in this consumer report.