Gold Bars Rain from Sky In Russia

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What if we told you it’s raining gold?

Of course, you would disbelief us! But the story is in fact, true and few days back gold was indeed falling from the sky in Serbia. But according to reports, no one was able to get rich by collecting them!

The incident took place when a Russian Aircraft was taking off from the airport in Yakutsk in Siberia. The Antonov cargo airplane was just taking off when it cargo doors opened and chunks of precious metals fell on the runway. As a result, the plane dropped around 200 bars of gold mined from the isolated Chukotka region, according to investigators.


Yes, it was pure gold raining from a Russian plane!

So, why did it happen?

Now, there are different theories going on about the same.

The Russian Investigating Committee posted a statement of Telegram saying that the cargo door was damaged due to the movement of the cargo as the plane was gaining altitude. The doors opened and part of the cargo lay scattered on the runway. According to investigators, the accident happened as the cargo was not properly secured before the flight took off.


How Much Gold Dropped by Anyway?

The total weight of the concentrated ore cargo carried by the airplane weighed 9.3 tons. Out of them the plane dropped around 172 bars which weighed 3.4 tons, according to statements made by local interior ministry to state news agency TASS. They also reported that out of the 9 tons of cargo only a part of the cargo fell off which was later collected. All the bars were semi-pure alloys made of gold and silver.

The gold bars were coming from the Kupol mine which is controlled by the Canadian mining company Kinross Gold. Stanislav Borodyuk, a spokesperson from the company revealed that none of the cargo was lost. He told Interfax news portal that they did not incur any loss as all the cargo was picked up. Police came and cordoned off the area before the locals could rush in to collect the treasure.


The airplane had to make a return and landed back at the airport to collect the cargo it had lost. The local news agency Yakutmedia also ran a report and posted videos and pictures of the metal bars running on the runway. The alloys looked whitish bricks which lay scattered on the tarmac on the runway.

People took to Twitter and Facebook and shared the postings made by news agencies. Soon it was shared thousands of times across the globe and turned into headlines in news reports. It wasn’t the first time though that something had fallen from a plane. There have been instances of poop falling in from airplanes. Or, when something has gone missing from the cargo hold. However, it is not often that you find gold falling from a plane – and that is what makes this instance so unique and special. What would you do if you find a plane throwing up gold? Let us know in the comments below!