The Coolest Clean Energy Camp Stove That Generates Power For All Your Gadgets!

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It’s called the Biolite Camp Stove and it is the coolest thing to happen to camping equipment in a long while!

The small wood stove burns just as clean, easy and fast as a petroleum fueled stove would. The stove however, has a feature like no other stove on the market. While burning wood and cooking, the stove will generate electricity. The stove will create the power, store it and filter it to your favorite electronic gadgets via a USB port. Now how cool is that?

The stoves are becoming super popular and the Biolite company has been donating many of these stoves, big and small to poor villages that do not have power. Such an amazing idea and creation! One that could truly change the way we generate power in small quantities.

Price Tag :

  • A Modest $129.95 for the small one
  • Complete Bundle : $199.95
  • Larger Base Camp Model $299.95

Check out the stove in action below!


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