‘Hipcamp’ Is The Ultimate Online Guide To Finding That Perfect Campsite!

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This is certainly one post you are going to want to share to your Facebook wall for later use! This site is uber cool and will aide you in finding some of the coolest campsites across America!

If you’re hunting for a campsite for the night, Hipcamp is another tool in your arsenal.

The website is a guide to campgrounds that covers all National, State, Regional, and Army Corps parks in all 50 states, giving you 2,196 parks with 8,631 campgrounds to search. That’s 282,402 campsites to choose from!

Private Lands Included!

The site recently launched a land-sharing program with private landowners who will lease sites to campers, too. With more than 60% of land in the United States privately owned, the site unlocks beautiful plots of private land that have previously been inaccessible.

The site lets you search by activities — such as biking, boating, fishing, or hiking — natural features and amenities.


Discover New Camping

I did a quick search near my home, and was surprised to find several campgrounds I didn’t know existed. If I were on the road in a strange area, the site would definitely be helpful for finding a place to pitch my tent.

You can make reservations at some, but not all, campgrounds, and you can read basic descriptions of what you’ll find when you get there.

It also has contact information for the campground and photos of the area.

So if you’re looking for a campground near home or far away, give Hipcamp a try. It is such a cool resource to have!

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