5 Things Only Car Enthusiasts Understand

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My Car Quest

Every car is different as is every car enthusiast. However, there are some shared experiences and knowledge among car enthusiasts. Being a car enthusiast is a love affair that is almost impossible to explain, but today we are going to look at things only real car enthusiasts understand.

It Goes Deeper Than Love

For many car enthusiasts, this is true romance that transcends what most people would understand. For example, most people would get light-headed or ill from the smell of high-octane fuel, but many car enthusiasts cannot get enough of it. Many car enthusiasts will also look back at their car for one more glance after they park and as they are walking away.

It is almost impossible to find a car enthusiast who does not have a dream car. These are the cars they would buy if money was not an issue and this list is kept up to date with some of the best cars on the market.

The Car is a Person

Car enthusiasts never refer to their cars as “it”. It is either a “he” or “she” and the car always has a name. Because of this, a car enthusiast might end up posting more pictures of their current or dream car on social media than they do of any other person or subject.

Anyone who damages a car enthusiast’s car should also be prepared for the wrath that is about to come down on them.

Selling an Exotic Car Online Can Be a Waste of Time

When you need to sell a car, you might think about listing it online and waiting for offers. While this may work for most car models, things do not go as smoothly for those selling high-end cars like a Ferrari. This is because no matter where you post, you will still get calls and emails from people who have no intention of buying the car but that just want to see or test drive an exotic car. When you are ready to sell your exotic car, it is best to talk to businesses that deal exclusively with exotic cars.  When selling a Ferrari to a shop like We Buy Exotics, you are assured of convenience, a reasonable price, and best of all, you do not have to deal with jokers who are not interested in putting an offer on the table.


Rear car lovers and enthusiasts have a sixth sense. They know things most people would not know about. For example, they can tell you the make and model of a car revving a few streets away. Car enthusiasts can also diagnose car problems that most other people would never notice.

Picking Sides

True car enthusiasts pick a side. It can be an argument between Japanese, German, European, or European cars and a car enthusiast will always have a side. Then there is the never-ending battle between manual and automatic cars. Car enthusiasts will fight for manual transmission and there is no telling them otherwise.

Car enthusiasts might be different, but they all agree on many of the same things. They also understand these things at a level other people would not and this is why they have earned the right to be in this elite group.