This Parents Christmas Gift To Their Son’s Teacher Is Every Teachers Dream

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This time of year most school kids are having their annual Christmas party at school and that means most teachers will be receiving gifts from their students.

Now some of us parents may purchase a box of chocolates for their kids to wrap and give to their teachers or maybe a small gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Other parents, well…they slap a hilarious photo of their child on the side on a fresh, tasty looking bottle of wine and accompany that with a witty caption.

That is exactly what one parent recently did and the idea could not be any more incredible. If you are a school teacher, you know that this i the best gift that you could possibly receive…like…ever! This is a super easy, fun, DIY gift right here!

The caption on the bottle reads :

“Brodyn Just Might Be The Reason You Drink, So Enjoy This Bottle On Us”

wine bottle kid teacher

Photo Credit : Facebook – L. Roy

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