7 Tips For Finding The Best Plus Size Dresses

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Despite all the categories we try to place our bodies in, and all the fruits we try to compare ourselves to, there is no one-size, two-size, or even ten-size-fits-all solution for your style. Times are changing when it comes to body positivity and the sense of expression that comes with it. Plus size designers are breaking all the rules and using bold patterns, bright colors, and form-fitting cuts to show off every shape and size, and it looks fabulous. 

These plus size designer dresses from 11 Honoré will inspire you to break out of the boring doldrums of traditional fuller-figured fashion and add new flair to your wardrobe. When you’re done drooling over their designs, read on to find out how to pick the right dress for you.

1. Show Your Body Some Love

Get to know your body type and become friends with it. When was the last time you really gave yourself a long, loving look in a full-length mirror? If it’s been a while—or maybe you have never done it—it is time to get familiar with your curves. Spend some time just in your bra and panties, or completely in the buff if you are comfortable. Look at yourself from every angle, knowing that you are completely unique in your shape and frame, and loving every inch.

Pay attention to (and appreciate) where your curves are, the lines your body makes, and even the folds and lumps. Get to know which parts of your body make you feel confident. Do you have strong legs? A defined collarbone? Pretty arms? A full bottom or bust? Love your whole body, but spend some extra time on the parts you naturally gravitate toward as your favorite features. 

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2. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

Play up the parts of your body that make you feel most self-assured. If you love your legs, go for shorter skirts that fall at or just above the knee. Accentuate your full hips with a cinched waistline or tight pencil skirt. Draw attention to your neckline or your bust with a v-neck or sweetheart neck. Plunging necklines show off your cleavage, while shorter v-necks make your neck look longer and highlight your collarbone. If you love your arms, don’t be afraid to go sleeveless, or wear fitted sleeves.

In order to flatter the curves you have, look for dresses that feature hemlines at your thinnest points. If you have a belly, go for hemlines or wear belts that fall just below the bust and flare out a bit below. Larger hips look great with a hemline right at the waist. If you are self-conscious about your arms, a three-quarter length sleeve will draw attention away from your upper arm and highlight your forearm instead.

3. Go For Higher Quality Fabric

When you want to look your best, it is important to be comfortable. Fabrics that gets itchy or pinch your curves are not going to last more than a couple of hours before you are ready to go home and tear them off in exchange for your favorite sweats. You may spend a little more money on better fabric, but it will be worth it in the end. Dresses made with higher-quality stitching and higher thread counts last longer, and they are more comfortable and easier to wash.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Prints

The great plus size fall fashion for work from 11 Honoré featured on Who What Wear shows us that plus size and prints go perfectly together. The idea that prints make you look bigger is outdated. Take up figurative space and get noticed with fabulous, colorful prints that show off your personality and your sense of style. 

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5. Shapewear Can Be Your Friend

Shapewear does not have to be an uncomfortable, suffocating nod to the patriarchy. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Her idea started with wanting a smooth panty line for her white pants, and has ballooned into every kind of shapewear imaginable, helping women all over the world look and feel their best.

Shapewear helps smooth your look, hide bra and panty lines, and accentuate your gorgeous natural shape. It will help you be more confident when wearing thinner fabric, provide extra support where you need it, and make your clothes drape exactly where they should.

6. You Should Also Befriend a Tailor

Until recent history when we started making clothes in a factory, mass-produced setting, everything we wore was custom made to fit our exact shape. You will look and feel fabulous in a dress that fits perfectly and does not pinch or sag, and a tailor can make alterations to ensure every line is just right.

7. Show Off Your Style With Confidence

Get to know your body and what you like, then wear it all pizazz. When you find a look you love, play it up and don’t be shy. Have fun with your style and pick pieces that make you feel great.