Maine Great Grandma Is Still An EMT At Age 87! She Even Drives The Ambulance!

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AWESOMEEdna Mitchell, is the oldest Emergency Medical Technician in Maine and has been working in the field in Liberty, Maine since 1978!

According to Bangor Daily News, she first got the idea to work as an EMT back during World War II, where she volunteered to assist a first aid class, teaching the soldiers how to mend their wounds. From there on, it’s all just history.

“It is my honor to run with Edna Mitchell. People have a sense of relief to know that Edna is there. There’s been a lot of times Liberty Ambulance wouldn’t have rolled out the doors if it wasn’t for Edna. She is amazing. She is a tough, tough woman.”

Liberty Fire Chief Bill Gillespie has nothing but praise for her. Could you imagine waking up at 87 years old and thinking, “Well, time to get ready for work?” This is a woman with more drive than many of us have ever considered, she even works out for 20 minutes each day to keep her body in shape. Let’s put it this way, she has a great-granddaughter that has also become an EMT!

What a woman!

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