Man Cuts His Friends Nose Off In Failed Sword Trick (Not For The Squeamish)

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So you are at a small gathering with a group of your closest friends, having a few drinks, eating some good food and then you hear someone say “hey, do you all want to see a trick with this super sharp sword?” Your natural reaction is “heck yeah I want to see a trick involving a super shard sword”. One of your friends volunteers to be part of the trick and is asked to hold a piece of bread in his mouth as the master swordsman attempts to slice the bread in half ever so smoothly.

Well, it sounds good in theory and that is pretty much what took place in this video…all except the ‘slicing the bread smoothly’ part.

Watch as this guy slices his buddies nose nearly completely off in this horrible party foul.

Warning : Not incredibly graphic, but not for the squeamish either