20 Hilarious And Super Fun Baby Shower Party Games

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Baby showers happen everyday and everyone is always looking for fun party games that are a little different. Here is an awesome list of 20, unique and super fun games that you can play at your next baby shower. 

1. Bottle to Bottle

Fill one baby bottle (long skinny bottles like these work best) with sprinkles then put a piece of double-sided tape or paper with a medium size hole in it over the opening of the bottle (no nipple). Take another bottle and put it upside down (so the two openings are touching) on the other bottle and tape together. Players must transfer sprinkles from one bottle to the other bottle to win.

2. Sprinkle Sort

Buy a package of the large multi-colored sprinkles and pour a spoonful into a cup. Put the cup in the middle of a small table (or other surface) and surround the cup with other small cups, the number of cups around the perimeter should be equal to the number of colors of sprinkles. For the game, players must sort the sprinkles by color into the cups. This set of sprinkles would be perfect because you could divide them up evenly easily! 

3. Diaper Hang

Provide players with a bucket full of Luvs diapers and mini clothespins like these ones. Players must hang as many diapers as possible using just the mini clothespins on a string or clothesline in the allotted time. 

4. Nipple Toss

Remember those nipples you took out of the bottles for the bottle to bottle game? It’s time to use them. This game is played in pairs. One player will have 5 (or another number) of the bottle nipples and have to toss them over to their partner who has to try and catch them on a chopstick. If they catch one, they can put it in their “caught” pile. If they drop it, it returns to the tossing player to try again. 

5. Diaper Fashion

Give players a box of Luvs diapers (this size is perfect) and challenge them to attach as many diapers as possible to themselves within the time. Players can attach the diapers however they want, whatever works best for them. 

6. Ice Ice Baby

Before the party, buy some of the mini plastic babies and freeze them into ice cubes. For this game, give each player one ice cube and the first player to melt their ice cube and get their baby out first wins. 

7. Sprinkle Food All Around

Fill a bucket with sprinkles and put it on a table. Setup a table or desk across the room with empty baby food jars. For this game, players must use a spoon that they hold in their mouth (no hands) to transfer sprinkles from the bucket to the empty baby food jar. First person to fill the baby jar (or has the most sprinkles in the time) wins. 

8. Blindfolded Blocking

Blindfold each player and sit them in front of a pile of blocks (use these alphabet ones then give to mom-to-be as a gift). Players must build a stack of blocks as high as possible in the allotted time. If their stack falls over, they can start again. Alternate version – give each player a partner and allow them to help direct their block stacking.

9. Wipe Out

Give each player a large pack of wipes. Players must use one hand to pull out all of the wipes from the container. First player to empty all of the wipes wins. These are our favorite wipes, perfect for this game and for actually using later! 

10. Sprinkle It Out

Give each player a cup full of sprinkles. First player to write out “Boy” or “Girl” (depending on what type of sprinkle you’re hosting) with just sprinkles wins. 

11. Chop Binky

Players must use a chopstick held in their mouth (no hands) to pick up binkies from a table. First player to pick up a certain number of binkies or player that picks up the most in the allotted time wins. Make sure to use binkies like these ones so the chopstick fits through the handle. 

12. Pink or Blue? 

Fill a cup with all blue sprinkles other than one pink sprinkle (or vice versa if it’s a girl baby sprinkle). Give each player a pre-prepared cup and the first player to find the opposite color sprinkle wins. 

13. Lost Sock Hunt

Give each person a diaper bag (one with lots of pockets like this one would be great) filled with all of the typical things you might find in a diaper bag (diapers, snacks, toys, clothes, etc.) including a blue or pink sock. Teams must search through the diaper bag to be the first one to find the hidden sock. 

14. Name that Nursery Rhyme

Before the party, put together a pile of index cards that have lines from nursery rhymes on them. Players must pick a card from the pile and name the correct nursery rhyme as quickly as possible. Once they name one, they can move onto the next card and try to get as many as possible in the minute. Players can pass if they don’t know it, but they can’t come back and try it again. Don’t know your nursery rhymes? Get the words in this nursery rhyme book that my toddler loves! 

15. Box Balance

Give each player an empty Luvs diapers box. Players must balance the box on their head as long as possible. If this it too difficult for your players, allow them to use one hand to help balance the box.

16. Bathtub Bounce

Setup a table with one of those small baby bathtubs (like these bins moms get from the hospital) at the end and fill it with water. Players must bounce ping pong balls from one side of the table to the other, trying to get as many ping pong balls into the bathtub as possible in the minute. For a little added fun, try these pink ping pong balls or these blue ones

17. Spin the Bottle

Give each person an empty baby bottle (or fill it with sprinkles to make it harder to spin) and a piece of paper with the letters “BOY” or “GIRL” in the corners. The player must be the first to spin the bottle and have it land on all of the letters to spell the word Boy or Girl. 

18. Don’t Drop the Diaper

This game is played in pairs of two. Give one player an empty Luvs Diapers and give the other player the diapers from the box. One player has to toss diapers across the room to the other player who has to catch them in the box. The team that catches the most diapers or team that catches the most in the time wins. 

19. Matchmaker 

Fill a laundry basket with baby clothes. Players must go through the laundry basket and put together as many complete outfits (including matching socks, a hat, mittens, etc.) as possible in the time. 

20. Hooded Towel Race

Before the game, setup a course using stuffed animals, Luvs diaper boxes, etc. that players will have to go around like an obstacle course. Give each player a hooded towel and time them as they scoot on the towel on the ground from one end of the obstacle course to the other and back

All game ideas were created by PlayPartyPlan.com. Check them out for more awesome ideas!

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