This ‘Animal Communicator’ Transformed An Aggressive Black Leopard Into A Calm Cat

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Anna Breytenbach has dedicated her life to what she calls inter-species communication. Anna sends detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts. She then receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals.

In this video, Anna transforms a deadly snarling leopard named Diablo into a relaxed content cat.

Diablo was rescued and taken to a full life, animal sanctuary. His past was dark and filled with aggression and abuse. For the first six months of Diablo’s stay at the sanctuary he was very aggressive and would not let anyone near him. Diablo would stay inside of a large night dwelling and growl at anyone who came near. At one point during those initial six months, Diablo sent the owner of the sanctuary to the hospital with bite wounds.

The owner of the sanctuary was skeptical about have Anna come and try to communicate with Diablo, but he felt he was out of options and he didn’t want to lose Diablo.

Once Anna arrived, she knelt down in front of Diablo and there was no growling. Diablo was instantly put at ease. It appeared as thought Anna and Diablo were communicating.

What happened next, was nothing shy of incredible.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Source : Youtube

This is a 13 minute excerpt from a 52 minute film titled, ‘The Animal Communicator’. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of “The Animal Communicator” DVD (the full documentary), it is intermittently available here.