A Little Girl’s Friendship With A Duck Is Inspiring Pet Owners Across The Country

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Five year old Kylie Brown has a special friend. Her pet duck ‘Snowflake’ turns heads wherever he goes. From making school visits to teach kindness to children, to walking the streets of Freeport, Maine, the pair sure have a special bond.

Kylie and Snowflake first met last Summer after Kylie’s parents brought him home. The two immediately bonded and a video of the pair went viral just after the New Year, gaining over 10 million views.

“There’s a lot of sad stuff going on in the news and it was just awesome to have a story that made everyone happy,” Kylie’s father, Mike Brown, said.

The Pet Education Project in Louisiana saw the story, and wanted to honor Kylie for being a responsible pet owner.

Kylie didn’t know she was getting the award at her school assembly; where appropriately, the theme was kindness.

Snowflake was another surprise for Kylie and the kids, so she can teach the other students about taking care of pets.

“It just goes to show it doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have, when you have a kid, they need to know how to take care of them.” Mike Brown said.

Kylie takes care of snowflake like a child. She feeds him, they nap together and they play together.

“It was love at first sight for both of them,” Mike Brown said. “We never expected it would be like it is right now.”

Even on the coldest winter day, their bond can warm the world.

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