Talk Show Host Can’t Stop Laughing At Twins Who Speak In Near Perfect Unison

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Stories of twin telepathy have circulated the internet for years, from sharing pain to sensing each other from hundreds of miles away. Some of them even go as far as to consider themselves to be one person rather than two, like 42-year-old identical twins Paula and Bridgette Powers.

The Australian women have been living together all of their lives, sharing a room, dressing alike, and creepily enough, speaking in unison. They say that it just comes naturally to them, but is it bizarre twin telepathy or the fact that they spend basically all of their time together that yields these so-called abilities?

Piers Morgan is clearly blown away by the twins…or at least a little weird-ed out by them. He has quite a hard time keeping a straight face during the interview.

This is just creepy!


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