Caring For Your Dog’s Diet

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Are you a new dog owner looking for safety advice, an existing dog owner looking to give your pet a treat, or an owner whose dog has gotten into some food that they should not have? Whether you need to know what to know, or are just curious about what you can allow dogs to eat, it is an important information to know.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and so we naturally want to take the best possible care of our pets that we can. Part of this is knowing the correct nutrition for our dogs and giving the correct food at the correct time. Ensuring that our dogs receive regular grooming and exercise to keep their bodies in the best condition also.

It is also nice to spoil our dogs on occasion with new toys, trips out to new places, and of course with treats.

Dog Treats

There are numerous brands of dog treats available in superstores or pet stores that are manufactured to be given to your pet as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. This type of dog treat is extremely popular with pet owners worldwide as we know that they are safe to be given to our beloved pets at our discretion. It is important to note that, as with treats for humans, dog treats should be given in moderation regardless of the brand.

Other Treats

As we all know, there will be times when we are tempted to give our pets a treat that has not specifically been manufactured for animals. There are also many occasions when dogs have helped themselves to some human food, something dropped on the floor, stolen from your plate, or even eaten directly from the bin.

Whether you are choosing to treat your dog to some human food or they have helped themselves outside of your control, it is important to know what is safe for a dog to consume. Our dog food database allows you to quickly and easily identify whether or not an item of human food is safe for consumption by your dog.

The database has been set out so that you can read down a list or use a search function to find a specific item of food. If you are browsing to find a new treat that you think your dog would enjoy, the list option is perfect as you can see at a glance in the table whether or not a food is toxic and if it is safe for your dog to eat.

However, if your dog has already eaten something and you are wondering if you need to make an emergency appointment with your vet, then the search option will save you time. Using the search facility gives you the same information just quicker so you can see if the item ingested is dangerous.

Once you have identified whether or not the food is safe for your dog, you should always remember that any treats of human food given should also always be in moderation, ensuring you do not overfeed your dog.