The ‘We-Shed’ Is A Dual Shed For Him And Her With A Conjoined Deck

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There is a lot of ‘he-shed‘ ‘she-shed’ talk out there, but there isn’t enough ‘we-shed’ talk happening — until now!

Tiny backyard spaces for him and her have been quite popular for years, but now there is a ‘we-shed’ hitting backyards across the globe — and they are awesome!

This shed company in Houston has designed the We-Shed, which is a conjoined him and her dual shed system that has a conjoined deck, and it looks AMAZING!

So it’s pretty much the same thing as getting separate beds with your partner — just in shed form. The We-Shed allows you and you and your partner to each create your own space and enjoy a little alone time. There is nothing wrong with a little alone time! And since the sheds are literally right next to one another, you are just a holler away from one another! Or, just walk across the conjoined deck and knock on their door — they might just let you in!

Not only great for a simple he-shed/she-shed system, the we-shed could also be great for a couple offices for a home-business, a hunting/fishing cabin with separate rooms and beds, or even an Airbnb to rent out for groups or larger parties.

We were unable to find any images of the actual interior of the We-shed designed by Portable Buildings of Greater Houston, but by looking at the designs of some of their other she-sheds, and he-sheds, we can imagine it would look something similar to some of the images featured here.

It’s not just Portable Buildings of Greater Houston that creates ‘We-Sheds’, many local shed making companies can whip one of these out for you!

Here are some examples of he-shed, she-shed or we-shed, turned into a tiny business space!

All image credits to Portable Buildings Of Greater Houston

You can easily turn your we-shed into a nice getaway space!

All image credits to Portable Buildings Of Greater Houston