This Little Boy Helped His Dad Propose To His Girlfriend Star Wars Style!

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André Nordstrand recently proposed to his girlfriend, well his son did anyways.

While hiking high on a mountain, Andre’, his son and his girlfriend stopped to make some pancakes. While they were stopped Andre’s plan kicked in to high gear. Along with help from his young son, he proposed.

The young boy is seen shaking a box, it would appear that he is having trouble opening the box but that is all part of the plan. He asks his future step-mom for help. She gets the box open, unwraps the “special surprise” and low an behold it is a Star Wars fighter…with two rings attached to it. The boy is heard asking if she would marry his daddy.

Now how geeky sweet is this proposal huh??? She said yes…and I’m sure they had the best pancakes ever after that!

Source : Youtube