This Epic Luxury Lotus Tent Fits Into Duffle Bag!

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The Lotus Belle companies tents features combined designs from the military Bell Tent and the ancient Mongolian yurt.


One of the best features of this tent is its size.  It is large enough to host a party or hold a yoga class.  As you can see above you can even fit your entire bedroom inside including rugs, dressers, nightstands, chairs and even a queen sized bed with room to spare.  (Anything you feel like hauling around on your adventure.)


There are two sizes to choose from the 13-foot-wide tent and then 16-foot tent.  The smaller tent fits into a single duffle bag, while the bigger size will require 2 duffle bags since it is 56% larger.


The revolutionary design between the yurt and the military tent makes the Lotus Belle one of the most incredible and versatile options out there.


The Lotus Belle can fit in the trunk of a car since it comes in a large duffle bag whereas the yurt design cannot.  The great news is that the Lotus starts out at around $1750 USD which is much cheaper than buying a yurt.


Being of a luxury design, the Lotus bell tent will stand out in a campground, festival or any crowd and almost looks like it has been inflated like a balloon.


This design is waterproof and includes a tough floor made out of the same PVC that kayaks are made from.  The 10 support poles that hold up the tent and multiple ropes prevent any strong winds from carrying your Lotus Tent away.



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