The Best Beach Chair Options For Summer 2021

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Several beaches across the world are still closed thanks to the current pandemic, however as summer is just around the corner, you can surely sunbathe at your favorite beach as long as social distancing norms are met. Even if you don’t hit the beach, you can choose to sunbathe at your stoop, backyard porch, or any other place.

Beach holidays are indeed the best as the days spent at the beach are very relaxing, calm, and stress-free. The truth however is that a majority of us look forward to a beach holiday at least once a year. These are the holidays that require utmost preparation and planning.  One of the most popular accessories that you will need when spending time at the beach is a beach chair. If you are looking for the best beach chair options for the summer of 2021, we have your back. Here you will find a list of the best beach chair options out there.

Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Many reviewers have praised the Oversized Quad Chair thanks to the built-in accessories and overall comfort. The chair is undoubtedly worth the money as it is comfortable, supportive, sturdy, and convenient, besides being big.

The cup holder is a standard feature, but the unique feature is the cooler that is built on the left side of the chair’s arm. You can keep your keys, books, phones, sunblock, and other stuff that you choose to carry to the beach in the side pouch of the chair. The chair is quite comfortable as it features a small mesh flap where you can keep your phone. There is also another attached flap that will hold your books or magazines. It also comes with a spacious pouch that has at least two soda cans or water bottles.

Rio Folding Beach Chair

The Rio folding chair is perfect for beachgoers who enjoy taking a nap at the beach. The beach lovers who purchased this were quite happy because they were exceptionally comfortable. The chair is made of a rigid material and easy to carry. You can sit on this chair and even lie down on it. One of the main reasons to buy this chair is its versatility and its unique high backrest, so you can lay down whenever you want.

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

If you have a toddler going with you to the beach, this chair is your best bet as you can use it almost everywhere, right from the beach to the hotel. You can also feed your baby on this chair and it also folds up into the carrying bag, making it relatively easy to carry around. The chair’s durability is also excellent, which makes it ideal for carrying to camps, picnics, hotels, parks, and beaches.

Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair

The Rendezvous chair is fantastic for the beach as you can stretch your legs out. Thanks to the smaller chair size, you can carry it around comfortably, and it is preferred by several people out there. It is one of the most comfortable chairs, which allows you to get into almost all the outdoor venues.

Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair

Reviewers love this chair as it is lightweight and you can use carabineers to attach them to your bags. The unique feature is that the material dries out quickly and it is both compact and lightweight.