This Woman Deserves An Oscar For Scamming A Phone Scammer

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Ware currently in the midst of one of the largest IRS phone scams to date, with the number of victims, generally foreigners and immigrants, exceeding 450,000 thousand in just the month of March in the US this year, alone!

The people operating these latest scams are believed to be calling from India and are leaving VOIP (Voice OverInternet Protocol) phone numbers to the victims to make a return call to.

The setup is generally the same; Once the victim has returned the call, the scammer on the other end will tell them they owe between $2,500 and $5,000 to the IRS and will continue to threaten and instill a sense of urgency to keep the victim on the line, as well as to try to convince them to act quickly.

Although it all seems very legit at first, these scammers will do something the IRS never does — They’ll request the person wire them the money to a PayPal account. Hmm, seems a little fishy now.

The woman in this video, Dawn Belmonte of Woodbridge, Ontario in Canada, received a voicemail saying she owed $2,500 and gave her a number to call or she would be arrested.

After her own father had been previously taken by a scam, she was very aware of what was going on and decided to play him at his own game… and win eventually making him feel so bad, he came clean that the entire call was a scam!

Dawn, you are official the Queen of Scam Killers.


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