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New consumer research shows that more than 65% of functional beverage consumers have been worried about their health since the advent of Covid-19 pandemic.

People are looking for healthy drinks to maintain or improve their overall health and well-being. Drinking water and other nutrient-rich beverages can help with weight management, hydration, digestion, and energy levels.

Additionally, many people are looking to reduce their consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks, which can negatively affect health over time. Some people also prefer healthier drink options because they are more mindful of their diet and want healthier choices.

That said, let’s take a tour and see where you can find healthy drinks.

Bounty Hunter

Since 1994, Bounty Hunter has been one of the top websites for online whisky purchases. Bounty Hunter offers clients a selection of high-quality whiskies and boasts over 25 years of industry experience.

Customers may shop from the comfort of their homes for the ideal whisky for a particular occasion or as a present for a friend or family member.

Additionally, the business will preserve your purchased distilled spirits for six months. Customers may be guaranteed that the flavor and quality of the whisky they choose will not change.

Customers who want to buy their favorite spirit and taste it over the course of a few months rather than drinking it all in one sitting would benefit from this option.


Boisson is one of the finest non-alcoholic liquor store in New York City that delivers delicious non-alcoholic beverages right to your doorstep!

Boisson was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when many individuals were rethinking their drinking patterns.

For individuals who desired to experience the same flavor and sensation of a conventional drink without the alcohol level, Boisson’s introduction was a welcome development. In the beginning, two buddies sourced several difficult-to-find items from around the world.

Boisson was created due to a common passion for learning, trying new things, and seeking out unique experiences.

With the founding of Boisson, the company’s founders saw an opportunity to provide a wide and unique range of low and zero-proof drinks.

Boisson’s goal is to offer refined sips to customers seeking alcohol substitutes even while the company expands.


Flaviar is the current owner of Caskers, founded in New York City in 2012. Caskers is a one-stop spirits curator that offers an incredible range of rare, expensive, and difficult-to-find spirits.

Members may replenish their home bars with their favorite spirits at affordable rates, discover new treasured liqueurs, and pamper themselves (or others) with luxurious and rare drams.

With the simple-to-use bottle selection tool Gift Concierge, you may receive personalized suggestions based on a survey.

Their specialists choose exceptional and rare craft spirits from the US and throughout the globe and arrange for delivery to your home.

You may choose from a daily updated, carefully chosen list to help you buy various goods.

LoveScotch offers alcohol lovers all over the United States the greatest variety of Single Malts, Blends, and Rare Scotch, as well as a wonderful selection of liquor! It is one of the best shops for gin,  rum, tequila and bourbon.

The website also provides a large selection of rum along with everything else, from rare single malts to traditional blends. provides doorstep delivery of fine Scotch Whiskies and related merchandise, as well as a wealth of knowledge and unique personal and business Scotch presents.

Anyone wishing to purchase premium Scotch Whiskey and other alcoholic beverages now turn to the company’s website as their first stop. offers a buying experience for Scotch Whisky that is unmatched. By providing a wide range of Single Malts and Whiskies worldwide, they aim to improve their clients’ experiences when drinking Scotch.

Every Scotch Whiskey enthusiast may discover something they enjoy in their assortment of rare, difficult-to-find single malts and reasonably priced daily blended Scotches.

Napa Cabs

Total client satisfaction is the objective at Since this company’s founding in 2004, it has been a family-run enterprise delivering only the best wine to its neighborhood at the most competitive pricing.

Napa Cabs enjoy being experienced wine specialists who are happy to assist all clients in selecting the ideal bottle for any situation.

The company, situated in Southern California, has grown to offer delivery to all 50 states.

For more than ten years, their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has kept the customers returning.

Of course, the outstanding customer care staff is there to assist you with any queries you may have.

From coast to coast and continent to continent, they have combed the world in pursuit of the best wines.

Whether you like a French Pinot, a Napa Cab, or a Croatian Zin, they will undoubtedly have a bottle for you.

Their top-notch shipping crew is working diligently to ensure that your order from them reaches you promptly and safely.

Mash & Grape

One of the greatest places to go to if you want to buy whisky items and other spirits is Mash & Grape.

With more than 2,000 bottles available, they have a large selection of Japanese whisky, Canadian whisky, Irish whisky, Blended Scotch, Single Malt Scotch, whisky, rye, bourbon and moonshine.

Mash & Grape’s customer service professionals are always available to help consumers select the ideal product.

Mash & Grape is a fantastic online store for booze and provides the opportunity to learn more about the distilleries they promote.

Additionally, they provide a unique MashBox club where, according to the specified subscription, they deliver a bottle of spirit each month that has been carefully picked.

This is a terrific location for any whisky enthusiast because of the wide variety of options and the knowledge of the customer care staff.


Drinks may be delivered to your door in less than an hour, thanks to the Dizzly app. Simply browse the extensive array of alcohol selections after downloading the app or logging into the website and adding your address.

After making your selection, you may pay with a credit or debit card and bring your beverage to your home within an hour.

With the extra benefit of being delivered to you, the new service Dizzly brings booze to your door.

For all your social and celebratory requirements, there are beers, wines, spirits, mixers, snacks, and party supplies.

You’ll always support a local company because Dizzly collaborates with shops in more than 1,500 cities across 31 states.