17-Year-Old Struggling With Depression Asks Social Media To Give Him A Reason To End His Life And Here Was Their Response

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More than just feeling “down” or being sad about something in particular for a couple of days, depression is a serious illness that deals with the changes in brain chemistry. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this sickness affects approximately 8% of the U.S. Population over the age of twelve. As research shows, genetics, hormonal changes, medication, stress, and grief all contribute to the onset of depression.

Depression can affect any person, no matter what age, ethnicity, or social position they are in, wherever they may live. Recently, a 17-year old Russian guy decided to come out on social media about him struggling with this disease. Using his account name:  u/MufasaQuePasa, he posted his photo to a subreddit called r/RoastMe, which is an online chat notoriously infamous for people who say the nastiest things they can think of to others that belong in this group. In the caption, he chillingly wrote “17-year-old Russian with crippling depression. Give me a reason to end it all.”

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Astonishingly, this time around, the reaction was different. Instead of bashing this teenager and “roasting” him like he had asked the group to, everybody went against the community rules and showed him some compassion. The members of the group were telling u/MufasaQuePasa to continue fighting and never to give up on himself. Check out some of the heartwarming responses which will remind you there are still some wonderful people in this world.


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