This Is What Happens When You Only Eat 3-Apples A Day For 8-Months

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It’s no secret that the model industry is seriously flawed. When it comes to the modeling life, it is often times not as luxurious as things may look. Fancy clothing and exotic scenery is used to gain attention and earn revenue…but the models in the fancy clothing…usually go to great and unhealthy lengths to fit a certain ‘model mold’.

Meet Victoire Macon, she is an 23-year-old resident of France. When Victoire was 18, when she went out for a walk with her mother. During that walk she was approached by a modeling agent. This chance meeting, led Victoire into a career in modeling.

She was thrown right into Europe’s bustling modeling scene where she learned some pretty negative aspects of the job. 


If she wanted to make it in the modeling business…she needed to drop 20-pounds right away. So she turned to eating only apples…three a day. 

Apples have only 80-calories. That means that she was only eating 240 calories per day. The recommended amount is 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day.

She worked hard, ate very little and she lost 22-pounds quickly. She needed to fit into size 32-34 clothes by fashion week.

Once the weight was lost, she was picked up by many large ad companies……but at a cost.

She weighed only 100-pounds here. 

Due to a lack of nutrition, she lost her period and developed osteoporosis. She had anorexia and bulimia.

Losing all that weight, feeling the pressures of the modeling world and her newly developed unhealthy habits…she quit modeling. 

She wrote a book about what unfolded while she was a model titled, “Never Skinny Enough. Diary of a Top Model.”

The picture below is Victoire, happy, healthy and free of the modeling world. 

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