VIDEO | Remember When This 6th Grader Nailed Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ At His School Talent Show?

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We just love this kids talent show performance so much we figured it was worth a re-share!

Back in April of 2010, 6th grader Greyson Chance took the stage at his school’s talent show. At first, it appeared to the crowd of students and teachers that Greyson would be showing off his piano-playing skills, but then Greyson began to sing and his cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” had jaws dropping!

In the last six years, Greyson hasn’t stopped performing and a Youtube channel filled with awesome tunes! 

Greyson’s talent show performance is great on so many levels. Not just because his voice and piano skills are remarkable, but the fact that Greyson was this tiny 6th grader performing in front of a massive crowd, a crowd filled with young ladies…which we all know is nerve racking enough when you are an eleven year old boy and he totally nailed the performance! Something tells me Greyson had a few more friends and lady friends after that gig!

That and garnering more than 57 million views on Youtube probably didn’t hurt either. Youtube even invited him to their office to perform the song


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