What This Creative Man Can Do With Pancakes Is Magically Delicious

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If you ever ordered a stack of pancakes on a particularly rough morning, you know that how the pancakes look doesn’t matter. However, when you’re already making pancakes on a regular basis, why not challenge yourself to make something even more special?

That’s what Nathan Shields did when he was looking to keep his family entertained in Saipan, a commonwealth of the United States. Though he is now back in the continental U.S., Shields continues to show off his griddle greatness under the name Saipancakes. Recently, Shields decided to craft some festive pancakes to help get his fans into the holiday spirit and, boy, did they turn out awesome.

Candy Cane

Christmas Bells


Christmas Tree



See how these were made in the video below.

If you still wish to play the Grinch come breakfast time and hate pancakes, check out Saipancakes’ “How to make a SKULL Pancake” tutorial. It will change your mind.

(via Saipancakes)

For more amazing pancake art, head to Saipancakes’ website. You might want to make breakfast reservations somewhere before you get too deep into it, though. The hunger for delicious masterpiece pancakes may hit you even harder than you’d expect.