10 Common Misconceptions About Male Strippers

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Source: https://www.funktionevents.co.uk/

Many people spend a lot of time talking about strippers and their fantasies. However, these common stripper topics revolve around female strippers. But what about their male counterparts? Some people would drop their jaws at the sight of dudes getting naked and dancing around poles for money. This piece aims to clear up some common misconceptions about the male stripper and what he does.


Misconception #1: You have never met a male stripper

Fact: Knowing a male stripper is common

Unlike the early days when male strippers were condemned, today it is hailed as a lucrative career. Chances are you know one, but you don’t understand what part of the exotic dancing industry they participate in. Many lead a normal life outside the strip club and other work venues. Some male strippers have a stable day job and take stripping as a side hustle to pay the bills and have fun.


Misconception #2: Male stripping is either totally empowering or entirely degrading

Fact: It’s both

Stripping has for long been viewed as a degrading job. Also, it has been viewed as a “female” job for ages. The retrogressed mind setters often misjudge the male stripper. A man is likely to garner more respect in a suit compared to when he represents himself in a stripping costume. Stripping, in general, requires physical and emotional expression which can make it depressing and oppressive. However, to be able to express yourself in a unique way, such as stripping and being able to break the stereotypes makes a male stripper liberating. To answer this question, male stripping is both fulfilling and depressing, depending on how an individual takes it.


Misconception #3: All male strippers do it for the money

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Fact: Porn, stripping and prostitution are all different

Unknown to most people, the majority of male strippers do not work as sex workers. It’s rude to assume that the male stripper that just gave you a lap dance in the club will automatically offer extra sexual favors.


Misconception #4: Male strippers work to explore sexual excitement

Fact: It’s about fantasy

Many people link fantasies to sex. However, male strippers are available to help clients explore their fantasies and not necessarily, their sexual desires. A lot of people go to the strip club to see what they hear. Male strippers end up being more of therapists minus the clothes.


Misconception #5: Male stripping isn’t a profession

Fact: It’s a professional like any other

Stripping involves putting hours of work into learning dancing moves and keeping shape. It’s also a gateway profession to become a professional dancer. Like any other professional, it demands skills and experience to become the best.


Misconception #6: Male strippers cannot hold relationships

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.files.wordpress.com/

Fact: Some are in committed relationships

Male strippers lead normal lives, which includes their role in relationships. You might be surprised to know that some are married and have families. Today, stripping is viewed as a professional, and they find balance between work and family life.


Misconception #7: Male strippers earn 100% profits

Fact: They pay to work

The exotic dancing industry considers stripping as an independent line of work. Male strippers are treated as independent contractors. This means that dancers pay the club to stage their performances.


Misconception #8: Working conditions are their lowest priorities

Fact: Most male strippers are activists

Most clubs subject male strippers to unfair terms and conditions where they control every aspect of their labor, starting from what they wear, how they work, and how they interact with clients. On the other hand, they will be treated as independent contractors. More male strippers are joining the activism bandwagon to fight for equal treatment as other employees who are entitled to minimum wage and insurance, among other privileges.


Misconception #9: Males strippers hook up with clients

Source: https://s.abcnews.com/

Fact: Male strippers aren’t about hooking up

While trying to make stripping a serious profession, the majority of male strippers will decline advances from clients. Once his shift is over, he wants to go home and lead his life as he intended.


Misconception #10: Male strippers have no morals

Fact: Stripping doesn’t define morality

Male strippers make millions feel good about themselves. Outside the strip club, they will participate in charity, family functions, and all life-changing courses.

Luckily, the world is evolving and becoming more accommodating to male strippers and their line of work. We have successfully debunked some common myths about male stripping. Contact Brisbane Male Stipping Services to explore your fantasies with the best.