6 Things That Make The Men Complete

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Are you as a man wondering what you are missing in your life? Wondering what those last few pieces of your collection should be to turn yourself into a complete man? Here’s the right article for you.

With most men having a basic set of apparel and other paraphernalia for their day to day basis, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? What is going to make you shine out and outplay all the others? Well, here’s a list of 6 things you can absolutely not afford to miss to be everybody’s perfect man.

1. A great wardrobe:

From a well-fitting suit to matching ties, you got to have these in your wardrobe if you’re looking to impress anyone at all, you will really be missing out if your fashion sense is what’s dragging you down.

Remember to always, and I mean always, have these things in your wardrobe:

  • A neat, perfectly fitting suit, this will be absolutely essential, whether you have to go for a formal meeting, an interview, meet up with clients or a semi-formal event, you can use a suit just about anywhere and it’s always going to look great. Having one in your wardrobe is definitely something you should consider if you don’t have one already.
  • A nice watch, in every scenario you can think of, having a watch is not just fashionable but also useful. It functions great as a means of telling time and can be used in both casual as well as formal settings. Remember to keep one handy even if you don’t plan to wear it every day.
  • A jockstrap, forgetting this useful piece of undergarment that helps define your lower body while being extremely comfortable and easy to wear can be called a crime against fashion. Apart from being quite good looking on men it also works as a great undergarment for any purpose.
  • A good pair of shoes, often forgotten, having a nice pair of shoes can make all the difference in every meeting, be it formal or informal, remember to have a shoe for each occasion.
  • The classic denim jeans are, without question, a closet must-have. Jeans are a flexible piece for any look, and you can rock them on any occasion, whether you’re going to the office, tending to yard work, or going for a night out. Here’s a tip: invest in high-quality jeans in different styles. You can pair them with just about anything, and they’re durable enough to last several years, even with constant use.


2. A pair of headphones:

There are very few things that can get as stylish as headphones whichever the case, whether you’re casually listening to music on the commute to work in a suit and tie or working out at the gym, headphones make you look much more sophisticated and dignified. Investing in a good pair is definitely going to come in handy someday.


3. The perfect bag:

Ever wonder why people look at you funny when you carry around your old duffel bag? Investing in a quality bag that can function well in every situation, be it business, personal, or adventure. You need a bag that can do it all or need to adapt to using a separate bag for each occasion.

Sometimes, having more might work out to be better in the long run, but depending upon the situation, you must make the call.


4. A set of tools:

Although you might not be the kind of person who uses tools on a daily basis as a hobby mechanic or craftsman would, it isn’t going to harm you to have a set of heavy tools to help you around the house. A drill, to get those paintings on the wall, a wrench if you need to fix a tap or pipe, and a screwdriver for other tasks.

If you don’t use them yourself they can still be used as a great way to impress your friends. You could also lend it to any budding mechanics in your neighborhood or use it as a  point of discussion when talking to a new neighbor.


5. A whiskey cupboard:

No man’s house is complete without an antique-looking whiskey cupboard with your favorite aged whiskey and whiskey glasses. Always remember to get the right glasses for each beverage and keep a few in stock, different ones for different crowds.

You might also choose to have a single cupboard dedicated to all types of hard alcohols.

Having a good fashion sense, headphones, a comfortable and decent looking backpack, a toolkit and a whiskey cupboard is something that is going to impress both your friends and relatives.