5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Decorate Your Garden

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With the whole of Europe soaking in lots of sunshine this summer, most of us have been spending plenty of time outdoors. Making sure that your garden is a welcoming and cosy space for your family or friends is not always an easy task, though. A lush vidaxl garden lounge set is what people will typically spend the most on to create a comfortable and stylish lounging area. But how can you match the rest of your garden without spending much more? Here are 5 simple budget-friendly decor ideas.

Lots of plants and flowers

There is nothing that decorates a garden better than lots and lots of plants and flowers scattered around it. While it may require a bit of work to begin with as well as regular maintenance, the effect of it is more than worth it. Besides, many people find it to be a nice new hobby to get into!

The great thing about plants and flowers is just how affordable it is. The seeds themselves can be purchased in gardening shops for only pennies and the dirt or pots required for it are also available in more budget-friendly forms. It is also something that can be easily acquired for free if you simply ask around your neighbours and friends – it is quite likely that they will happily declutter some unused gardening materials.

A pop of colour

Your garden is the one space in your home where rules don’t apply and you can be as creative and bold with it as you want.. This is your chance to introduce fun colours that you would normally never consider indoors. Buying a small can of paint will not cost you much at all, however, it could take your garden from plain and boring to super stylish and fun. You don’t have to commit to painting big features either – some colourful flower pots could do the job just fine.

Repurposed materials

Be creative with your decor and don’t shy away from using old or repurposed materials as a part of it. Not only will that create a more quirky and fun look in your garden, but it’s also extremely budget-friendly and sustainable.

You can find hundreds of unique ideas for how to repurpose unexpected things as garden decoration. Some of our favourites, however, include using old ladders as shelving for flower pots and decorations, using old wooden pallets as garden beds, painting an old bike in a fun colour and attaching flowers to it, using old boots as flower pots.. The list goes on!

Affordable ornaments

Depending on your personal style, different types of ornaments can bring out a different feel in your garden. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on ornaments, unless you are trying to achieve a really modern, luxurious style.

Otherwise, buying affordable ornaments online or in vintage shops should be a simple task. You should also look out for different things people are giving away, as they may work perfectly for your garden. This includes outdoor statues, hanging decorations, mirrors and pictures, a cute welcome sign, outdoor rugs and curtains, etc..

Cosy lighting

Last but not least, the lighting in a garden is something that many people tend to forget, yet it is actually one of the most important things in creating a cosy atmosphere. If you have the budget for an outdoor fire feature, that will not only act as a nice light but also add warmth to the garden. Otherwise, outdoor fairy lights can easily replicate the warm tone of fire, while looking fun and cosy at once.