Grow Square Shaped Fruits & Vegetables To Get Kids Excited About Gardening!

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Lets face it, kids don’t want to hang out in the garden and learn how to grow vegetables and fruits. Kids would rather be playing outside, building forts, playing sports or just messing around with friends. But gardening is such an important part of life and learning how to garden at a young age is super beneficial.

How do you get kids excited about gardening? Grow something out of the ordinary, something crazy and different…oh and tasty!


Below you will learn how to grow certain vegetables and fruits shaped as a square! What kid doesn’t want to show off his ‘square’ watermelon…that he grew…to his friends?

How to Grow a Square Watermelon

With the use of square-shaped molds or square containers, you can easily learn how to make a square watermelon. Alternatively, you can use this same concept to grow many other fruits and vegetables, including:

  • tomatoes
  • squash
  • cucumbers
  • pumpkins

If you cannot find a suitable square container, you create a mold using concrete blocks, wooden molds or boxes. Build a cube or square box that will be strong enough to allow your watermelon to grow, but make sure the mold or container is slightly smaller than the volume of the fruit’s average mature size.

To begin growing your square fruit, choose a type suitable to your area. Start your watermelon seeds outdoors 2-3 weeks after the last frost. Seeds should be planted about an inch deep in well-draining soil, using about 2-3 seeds per hole. Then grow the watermelon plants as normal, giving them plenty of sun and water.

Caring for a Square Watermelon

Watermelons love water and sandy loam soil, so caring for a square watermelon will be much the same as for regular watermelon plants. Once your watermelons begin to develop on the vine and while the fruit is still small, you can gently place it into the square form or container.

Watermelons have a long growing season, so you’ll need to be patient. Don’t expect to find a square watermelon overnight! As the fruit grows, it will eventually take on the shape of the square form. Once mature, simply remove the form or carefully lift the fruit from the container.