9 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 90’s Will Understand

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I am not ashamed to say it, I was a true 90’s #kid.  The 1990’s held some of the best years of my life.  I was a care free kid, things were simple and just down right awesome! Here are 10 things that us 90’s kids may have forgot that we had to deal with back then.  Make sure to share this little trip down memory lane with your 90’s friends!


1.) Nothing worse than renting a video tape and having the previous renter not rewind the tape. *Did you know the “Please Be Kind Rewind” Sticker was also an Anti-Theft device? The back part of the sticker had a sensor that would set off an alarm!



2.) In the 90’s, you didn’t even turn on your Nintendo console without blowing in the video game cartridge first to ensure it would load properly!


3.) Having to use floppy disk to save files from your computer. Labeling and storing them was always an issue for me…I’d forget to label them or just lose them!


4.) Having to adjust tracking on your VCR. That was always a problem and it always seemed to happen when you were super stoked to watch a certain movie!


5.) Actually having to leave your home to go rent a movie. I absolutely loved going to the video store and spending hours trying to find just the right movie, or three! Kids these days just don’t truly understand what they are missing!


6.) Neon clothing! This was a super cool fashion statement in the 90’s, looking back it appears it was a very sad, sad fashion statement.


7.) Sun In was huge in the 90’s for both guys and gals! I won’t lie, I was a victim of the Sun In movement at one point.


8.) Let’s face it, as a teen you are curious about porn. Whether you were a 90’s kid or a 21st Century teen, the curiosity was/is there. However, in the 90’s, this is what porn typically looked like as you ventured into the high channels on your parents cable box.


9.) We are clearly beyond the day’s where kids carry pagers, but not too long ago these were the main way to get in touch with your friends. Remember all the cool codes and messages you could send? Finding a payphone to call your buddy back was usually the biggest hassle however.