Do You Smoke? If So, You Have To Watch This Very Scary And Very Real Experiment!

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This video has been circulating the internet recently showing the severe effects that smoking has on the body. The experiment is very simple and very effective in showing how nasty and harmful cigarettes truly are to the body.

The experiment features two large plastic bottles partially filled with water with tubes running out of the top and connecting to one tube in the center. This set up mimics your lung function. A cigarette is lit and placed in the top of the single tube. Air pressure is released at the bottom of each bottle creating a suction and drawing in smoke from the lit cigarette.

After the cigarette is fully gone, the man conducting the experiment places a cloth over the top of each bottle and blows out the smoke from the bottom of the bottle through the top where the cloth is placed. This is done with each of the two bottles.

The results are disgusting and very scary. A gross, thick residue is left on the cloth…and this is only from one lone cigarette.

Think about it…quit now before it’s too late.

Source : Youtube