Star Paws! Doberman Pinscher Dresses As Galactic Stormtrooper In Custom Costume!

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One Star Wars fan has turned her Doberman into a Stormtrooper…and it is awesome! The pup looks like it would do just fine cruising around in space!

Sabrina Ridler, from California, spent hundreds of hours handcrafting the full-body costume for her four-year-old pet, Penny Bark-Bark.

The costume was only meant to be a Halloween costume, but since Bark-Bark enjoyed it so much and wore it so often…Sabrina had to fix it up and redo the design a few times. 


Sabrina gets thousands of messages from fans who admire her work and want to know how to create their own doggy trooper costumes. 


Penny the dog spends a great deal of her time dressed up in the costume with members of the Stormtrooper Ranch – a fictional ‘regiment’ of fellow Star Wars fans who collect money for charity at events. 

Here is Bark-Bark in action!

The costume is made entirely from fiberglass and resin, which she cast around her dog’s head.

The body of the costume is made out of lightweight foam, so the pup can stay cool and is free to move around.

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