Disgruntled Fiance Of Kmart Addict Post Hilarious Facebook Message On Kmart’s Page

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When Alex Gadd, aka the “disgruntled fiance” of Kmart-addict Samantha, posted to the retailer’s Facebook page last year, he was simply hoping to get some stuff off his chest.

Little did he realize his rant would become used to voice the shared frustrations of mankind Australia wide.

It’s now been one year since Alex made his post, and the Australian news checked in to see if his relationship with Samantha has survived the Kmart-induced strain.

“Samantha and I are now happily married (since mid-November last year) it would take a lot more than that to destroy our relationship,” he tells Kidspot.

“The spending has certainly slowed down. The occasional item here and there pops up but I wouldn’t complain with that … at the end of the day, it’s her money!”

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