Girl Accidentally Sends Her Boyfriend A Text All About How She Is Cheating…Oops!

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Jordan McNelly has gone viral after exposing his cheating ex Zoe on Twitter.

Zoe became nervous after accidentally double-booking herself with her two lovers, and inadvertently alerted boyfriend Jordan McNelly to her cheating ways.

Jordan received the above text and decided to just forward that text on to the Twitter world.

In the last week, the Tweet has gained over 42k likes.

Poor guy…

Now…as luck would have it in the Twitter universe…a girl named ‘Zoe’, who IS NOT the cheating ex…retweeted Jordan’s post and is now getting trolled and harassed by people as though she was the cheater. 

Jordan noticed this and asked people to stop harassing every girl named Zoe. 

But the messages just keep coming to the Zoe’s of the world…:-(

So…after reading this we offer a few words of advice and wisdom. 

  1. Don’t cheat. If you are looking elsewhere for love and companionship…break up with the person you are with first and be honest. 
  2. If you decide to be a cheater…make sure you know who you are texting prior to sending sketchy text. 

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