If You Own An iPhone You Are Being Tracked Wherever You Go! Cheaters Beware!

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If you own an iPhone there is a very good chance that you are being tracked everywhere you go. From the exact location you go to, to the exact amount of time you have spent there…and it does this non stop…day in and day out.

So, this feature poses many threats, clearly. If someone untrustworthy happens to get a hold of your phone, they are able to find out where you live, work and play. If someone should happen to gain access to your phone remotely, this information can easily be obtained as well.

The somewhat positive advantage – If you happen to be suspicious of your partner and their ability to stay faithful…I guess this features just may come in handy for you. You now have the ability to simply check where they go and see how long they go there for. Uh-oh…they go to an unknown location every day and spend hours upon hours at this location…hmmm…but they tell you they were at work all day, yikes…busted!

So there you have it…the creepy new feature that iPhone felt the need to incorporate into their product. The video below will tell you how to find this feature easily on your iPhone as well as disable it.