Fascinating Home Décor Ideas To Use Glass Shelves That Will Make You Feel Proud

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Shelving is vital for the interior decoration of any building. Shelves are used to showcase items, and they also help to save space by serving as extra storage. Glass is a material that is versatile with numerous uses when it comes to interior decoration.

Glass shelves come with added benefits that make those who use them in their homes proud. Some of the benefits of using glass shelves are:

  • Multipurpose design

Whether your existing interior décor is modern, traditional, contemporary or chic, a glass shelf will fit just right regardless of the current interior décor theme.

  • Cleaning Ease

Unlike other interior décor materials like plastic and wood that requires thorough costly cleaning, glass shelves can be kept clean and shining with a soft cloth and simple dishwashing solution.

If there is a lot of dust and residue, glass cleaners will get rid of them in no time. This leaves them looking new and polished at no expensive cost.

Glass is not prone to stains and looks right through the years of use.

  • Maximizes Visibility

Glass shelves are perfect for showcasing items that you would like to see and for people to see in your home. Things put on display shelves are visible from any angle. The glass shelf is also transparent. This makes sure that no detail is hidden from view.

  • Elegant look

Glass became increasingly popular as the go-to material for interior decoration because floating glass shelves have a classy and elegant look.

This makes visually appealing to the eyes and using them adds a touch of elegance to the interior décor of the home.

  • Environmentally friendly

Other shelf materials are manufactured through a series of processes that are not beneficial to the environment. Trees have to be cut down to produce wood, for example. Glass, on the other hand, is produced from the sand. Sand is everywhere, and the effect of glass manufacturing is gentle on the environment.

Glass is also a material that can be recycled. When you make use of glass shelves, you are opting for a material that is safe for the environment.

Which Areas of The Home Are Suited for Glass Shelves?

Glass shelves can be utilized in different rooms and parts of the home. They are:


Glass shelves in the kitchen combine functionality with visual appeal and glamour. A glass shelf kitchen upgrade will transform your kitchen to a glamorous one that you will be proud of in an instant while at the same time make room for extra storage. You can use them to showcase your most prized china or to showcase items that are important to you.

You can have a glass shelf in the kitchen in the following ways.

  • You can place glass shelves above your kitchen sink.
  • You can place it across the window, using it as a glass window shelf.
  • You can place them beside the kitchen doorway.
  • You can place glass shelves on a free wall to be used as an open shelf.


Another room that glass shelves are suited for is the bathroom. Bathrooms require storage means to keep items organized. Items can range from toiletries, towels, cleaning materials and other bathroom essentials. An organized and well-maintained bathroom is excellent for the home.

The bathroom is one of the most visited places in the home where we groom ourselves. Keeping it well organized and clean is paramount. To keep the bathroom organized and clean, the need for storage is essential asides from cleaning to keep things in order. An excellent way to do this is to add glass shelves to the bathroom.

Besides the fact that glass shelves act as storage means in the bathroom, they also help to brighten up the ambiance. Glass shelves also update the look of the bathroom to make it more elegant because of the light reflections, which add some shine to the overall bathroom look.

You can place glass shelves in the bathroom in the following ways:

  • You can install one on the wall in the bathroom.
  • You can install glass shelves as part of a bathroom cabinet.
  • You can install glass shelves on the wall above a bathtub.
  • You can install glass shelves beside or above a bathroom sink.
  • You can install glass shelves in the shower area to store bathing essentials.
  • Another creative way to install glass shelves in the bathroom is to install it on the wall above the water closet.


The living room is a vital place to make use of glass shelves. It is the place where you spend a relaxing time with the family and also the place where you are most likely to receive guests in the home.

Glass Shelves in the living room can brighten up the ambiance, improve the everyday look into a glamorous one, and make your living room look bigger than it is.

You can incorporate glass shelves into the interior décor of your living room in the following ways.

  • Install glass shelves as wall mounted shelves on any of the living room walls.
  • You can install glass shelves as a free-standing shelf and place them on any corner of the living room. Preferably, place it in a corner close to the window.
  • You can install it as a bar area in the living room. It serves as a focal point as well as storage for your drinks.
  • To add some style, install custom curved transparent glass shelves as mounted shelves in the living room.

Apart from these three top rooms to incorporate glass shelves, other places that glass shelves can be used in the home are:

  • The dining room: Apart from its aesthetic function in the dining room, the glass shelves can serve as storage for serving pieces, glassware, and dishware. You can install them as a wall mount or free-standing rack.
  • The bedroom: Glass shelves can be installed as part of the wardrobe in the bedroom or as wall mounted shelves. Use them to display personal collections or art pieces. They can also be used as extra storage for personal effects.
  • Home office and Study: Using office shelving can leave the study or home office cluttered, crowded and disorganized. Glass shelves will brighten up the home office and study as well as make it pleasing to the eyes.

New Ways of Using Glass Shelves

Glass is versatile. As a result, new styles present themselves as time goes on. Some of the new ways of using glass shelves are:

  • LED glass shelves
  • Glass window shelves

Led Glass Shelves: Glass is a good light conductor. Led glass shelves add a futuristic look to the home and fit just right into the overall décor theme. The light addition would look perfect when other lights are turned off, especially in the evenings.

Glass window shelves: This involves installing a glass shelf or glass shelves across a window. It can be used as a display for plants or as extra storage primarily when used in the kitchen. It can be installed as a DIY project or best contact Fab Glass and Mirrors for what you need and installation guide.