Everything You Need To Know About Laminated Glass And Its Uses

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Not all glass is created equal. Laminated glass, tempered glass, and ordinary annealed glass are examples of how glass can be created very differently for vastly different purposes.

Learn about how these 3 types of glass are used for different purposes in our home.

In the article today, we will address everything you need to know about laminated glass or shatterproof glass the miracle safety glass!

A Brief History of Laminated Glass

Like many interesting inventions, laminated glass was discovered by accident! In 1903, a French chemist Édouard Bénédictus was conducting an experiment in the laboratory when he dropped the glass test tube on the floor. To his surprise, and our fortune, the glass test tube, coated with its contents of plastic cellulose nitrate, shattered but did not break into pieces! He had created the very first “laminated” glass unknowingly then.

Over the years, he and many others like English solicitor John Wood and Canadian chemists Howard W. Matheson and Frederick W. Skirrow continued to pursue the science of creating “laminated safety glass”.

It is their hard work which has resulted in the miracle of shatter-resistant glass that we now use for many modern-day applications – from residential to commercial uses.

What makes Laminated Glass Shatter-resistant?

So, what is the science behind this amazing glass that allows it to not break into a million pieces like normal ordinary glass?

Unlike other glass types that are just made of glass as the key material, laminated glass is created by sandwiching a film of plastic (polyvinyl Butyral -PVB) between sheets of glass. PVB is a material used primarily for its toughness, clarity and flexibility. Together with glass, they are bonded chemically via multiple processes to compress, heat and seal them together.

The multiple layers of glass and plastic film strengthen the composite material so much so that it can resist significantly more stress than ordinary or even-tempered glass can. The fusing to the plastic film also helps the glass pieces stay intact even after being shattered. This characteristic of laminated glass makes it very useful as safety glass in applications where risks of break-ins or burglaries are high.

As a bonus: PVB films also provide UV protection by reflecting those harmful rays away!

Now doesn’t that sound like the best kind of glass there is?

Laminated Glass VS. Tempered Glass

Now, if you are wondering, then what about tempered glass? Isn’t it also known to be a super-strong type of glass?

Well yes, you are right that tempered glass super strong – in fact, it is 4x stronger than ordinary glass! However, the problem is that it is not shatterproof. If it is subject to enough impact, it will break into pieces – albeit less sharp and dangerous pieces compared to normal glass.

Laminated glass on the other hand, simply does not break into pieces at all! The amazing PVB film in between the layers of glass helps to keep the broken glass pieces stuck to it even upon impact. Imagine how safe that is? No glass pieces on the floor to clean up after, and no worries of having glass pieces cut you as they shatter around you.

Guess which type of glass is used to create bullet-proof glass? Of course, it is laminated glass!

Common Applications of Laminated Glass in Residential & Commercial Buildings

Wondering where you might find laminated glass in use. There are plenty of places you can find laminated glass used as safety glass or even for UV protection:

  • High-security commercial applications: Laminated glass windows in money exchanges, banks, jewelry shops, art galleries and more.
  • Strength and durability applications: Glass railings, glass floors and stairs.
  • UV protection applications at home and at work: Laminated windows in skylights, living spaces and many other areas serve the best purpose.


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