The Peaceful Bedroom: Popular Bed Sets For Seaside Bedrooms

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Most people move into a coastal cottage for the specific purpose of having a peaceful retreat from the world. If that sounds familiar, you’re probably working on your coastal getaway’s interior design. Starting with the bedroom, that place where we truly retreat into privacy is the best place to begin.

Rather than moving in your old bedroom furniture or snatching a bedroom set on sale, take some time to consider what features and benefits your bedroom furniture needs to have. If you have never furnished a home in a coastal climate, there are some details you may not think about off-hand.

To help you find the best bedroom set for your peaceful coastal hideaway, find a list of the most important considerations listed below.

Look for these colors and patterns.

Psychologists have found that certain patterns or colors can affect mood in different ways. Incorporating these elements into your bedroom design will help make it a calmer retreat.

When choosing colors for your tranquil bedroom, use soft and neutral shades to induce that peaceful feeling. The most popular colors are:

  • Blue – The most human color, blue gives everyone a sense of calmness within.
  • Green – Go for soft, muted greens, and other colors commonly found in nature.
  • Stormy Grey – To induce a feeling of comfort.
  • Soft violet or lilac purple – For spirituality and inner peace.

Fractal patterns – shapes that repeat on a smaller and smaller scale – are proven to be very calming. Fractal patterns and mandalas are both commonly used in coloring apps and workbooks meant for relaxation. Having bedroom furniture and décor with fractal patterns can help you refocus and gain insight on troubling issues.

Take the humid atmosphere into account.

Humidity destroys wood furniture – it is an important fact about coastal regions that those residing inland never think about. Drastic changes in the humidity level of your home can cause wood furniture to expand and shrink, breaking it down much faster.

Wood furniture can be protected against these elements, but not all bedroom furniture comes treated with this protectant. If you don’t want to pay a professional woodworker to treat your furniture, you should probably choose other materials like metal, plastic, or resin wicker.

Humidity isn’t the only reason to go with resin wicker.

Wicker furniture has been around almost since the dawn of furnishing homes. Even ancient Egyptians had wicker furniture. The most interesting fact about this is that the furniture was found completely intact in the tombs. Clearly, a wicker is a sturdy piece of furniture. You can find examples of wicker bed sets on 1StopBedrooms.

An interesting fact is that most people think that, because it is made of “straw,” wicker furniture isn’t that stable. But wicker furniture is deceptively strong and durable. Better yet, the materials used to weave the wicker are not susceptible to damage from humidity.

Most wicker furniture is made of rattan, but you can also get it made with synthetic materials as well. Rattan is one of the most sustainable materials from which bedroom furniture is made because it grows abundantly and will eventually break down when no longer usable. The method of making wicker doesn’t require glue or other chemical fixatives, further improving the eco-friendliness of wicker furnishings.